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Enhance your beauty
Nano Brows

Give your brows the thickness you've always wanted with our professional brow services. Our brow technicians have years of experience giving our clients natural looking brows. From Nano brows to microblading, and more! You can say goodbye to filling in your eyebrows every morning. Diamond Salon is dedicated to providing every client with beautiful, long-lasting brows. With us, you'll save time in your everyday makeup routine. Visit our salon today in Idaho Falls, ID, or give us a call at (208) 716-5308 to book an appointment!

Hair Strokes

This is the most natural brow enhancement, these hairlike strokes are created to mimic your natural hair growth pattern to create a fuller brow effect.

Combo Brows

Best of both worlds, look is achieved by combining the hairlike stokes, with minor shading  in areas that are more bare. Overall appearance is a natural full brow with slight shading.

Ombre Brows

These brows are perfect for someone to wants to make a statement. This technique is a shading from dark to light. It creates a more Make-up look giving you a fierce, bold brow.

Nano brow
Nano brow 4
Nano brow 3
Nano brow 1_edited
Nano brow 2_edited
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